Alice, life is what you decide

"Alice, life is what you decide"
Media: Manipulated Photography, Compositing, 3D
Year: 2018

The project freely reinterprets Lewis Carroll's masterpiece "Alice in Wonderland", concentrating and analyzing the image of Alice and the teachings of life that can be drawn from the fairy tale.
The title combines the images represented in the series; Alice's character has become an android, bound with wires and imprisoned in an aseptic room while maintaining a look full of courtesy and desire to dream.
In these images, conceptually we are witnessing the growth of the protagonist, this is not only on the physical level, because it is large compared to the room, but the moment represented is that of the reflection of how it is growing and looking in the direction that is about to decide.
The growth takes place completely when Alice is in the vortex of the cards, fate envelops her, the various seeds represent the phases of love (hearts), of pain (spades), of luck (of flowers), of wisdom (paintings).
Next, find a green potion in her hand and a key with the shape of her heart on the other side: Life, Luck and Love balance of life without prejudice and without vices.
Finally she is satisfied with her personal evolution, more aware of the surrounding world and finding herself in a colorful outdoor world, Queen of her own destiny, with full awareness of herself, the key of everything, the look through the lock, Maturity is done.